Tyent Ultra Filter Set

Without compromise

 Introducing, Tyent's "Ultra Plus" filtration. 

These dual, oversized, multistage water filters remove everyday contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, but that's just the beginning. 

A 3rd party laboratory has confirmed that Tyent's "Ultra Plus" filtration system also eliminates hundreds of other poisonous toxins including: 

  • herbicides, 
  • pesticides, 
  • pharmaceuticals 
  • and much more. 

The 0.01-micron filtration level found in our "Ultra Plus" filters is the same as what is used in kidney dialysis machines. "Ultra Plus" filtration ensures the purest, healthiest and safest water available today improving your wellness. 

Certified to NSF42 andNSF53 Standards

 Also certified for:   

VOC's, heavy metal contaminants, pesticides, semi-volatile contaminants, disinfectant and non-metallic contaminants, herbicides, and pharmaceutical drugs.

*All testing is done by an independent certified laboratory.

Lab report available at any time in PDF format.