MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer

SMPS Plus® Turbo Power

 The TURBO Function allows users to create strongly alkaline or strongly acidic water, which should be used for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting.

The Tyent MMP-9090 Alkaline Water Ionizer produces pH levels from the lowest acidic levels to the highest alkaline levels available for your wellness in the industry today.
Easy to use the product with a coated touch panel interface with all function selections displayed with icons.
A warning voice ensures your convenience and easy use of the product with clear explanations of various functions.

Lifetime Warranty

 Our lifetime warranty does not contain the word “limited” because there simply are no limits. Read our warranty carefully and then compare it to our competitors’ warranties. We have no stipulations and no fine print and therefore no reason that your water ionizer will not be protected for as long as you own it. In fact, the only mishap that our warranty doesn’t cover is intentional or accidental physical damage as a result of dropping the unit. Your investment is fully covered, regardless of your water quality or the quantity of water you produce.