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101-Year-Old Drinks Tyent Water

Child with Cancer Is Given a Tyent Water Ionizer

101-Year-Old Drinks Tyent Water


 I love my Tyent Water 

101-Year-Old Drinks Tyent Water for Wellness

I love my Tyent Water Ionizer – the health benefits are so many, and the cleaning features are great. I have enjoyed it all for many years and am now getting younger members of the family started on it too.

I am looking forward to my birthday.  One Hundred and One on August 23, 2017.  I hope many others will enjoy Tyent Water 

as much as I do.

-Natalie Q.
Sanford, FL

Russell Surber

Child with Cancer Is Given a Tyent Water Ionizer

101-Year-Old Drinks Tyent Water


 Professional Golfer Orlando, FL

“I play professional golf. I have played the last 2 seasons on the web.com tour. I purchased my Tyent water ionizer about a year ago and absolutely love it. I feel less sore after hard workouts and have more energy to practice hard and work on my game. I also love the fact that my whole family including pets receives the health benefits from drinking alkalized water. I would highly recommend a Tyent water ionizer to anybody looking to improve their health and overall wellness.”

Child with Cancer Is Given a Tyent Water Ionizer

Child with Cancer Is Given a Tyent Water Ionizer

Child with Cancer Is Given a Tyent Water Ionizer


 "Being a part of a holistic community, two colleagues told me about the special needs 

of 5 year old Ki.

Ki was diagnosed late in 2014 with a cancerous brain tumor in a location that cannot be operated on. After treatment considerations, it was decided by Ki’s doctors and mother, Beth Spicer, that the holistic route was his best option.

One of the most pressing needs for little Ki is a water ionizer to assist his body to heal naturally. My clinic, Aging Younger has been working with Tyent USA since its inception. I personally know the CEO, Joe Boccuti, and reached out to him through his distribution manager Michele. My heart told me he was not going to deny this 5 year old child of the “water for wellness” that Tyent ionizers produce. Within, one week, the ionizer was shipped out to be installed for Ki.

Beth is a single mom and her only means of support for Ki’s treatments and their living expenses are from the Go Fund Me donations.

If you want to give a donation to help Ki and his mom, then please see the link below.

Thank you for allowing me to share Ki’s story, and all I ask is that you give what you can and or share this story.


In gratitude, 

Michael and Marina McBride

Michael and Marina McBride

Child with Cancer Is Given a Tyent Water Ionizer


 My name is Michael Mc Bride and my wife’s name is Marina. We would like to take this time to express how the Tyent Alkaline water ionizer system has effected our health and wellness. We started using the alkaline system on April 2013.

Since using the system I have noticed that I have much more energy and stamina at work.
My cholestrol (LDL) went from 145 to 120 in just 1 month. My doctor was truly amazed.

My wife Marina had ovarian cysts for 5 years and each time she would go to the doctor she would have ultrasounds every 6 months. My wife went to her doctor for her annual physical and pelvic ultrasound as usual in May 2013.

She returned to her doctor in June for her results and the doctor told that the cysts were gone!!

Marina and I know truly now how important drinking alkaline water is for life !!!

Thank you TYENT you have changed our lives !

The Mc Brides

Kevin Pinkerman

Michael and Marina McBride

Barry and Peg Barassi


 “Fruits and Vegetables have an 

improved taste.”

My wife and I have been using our Tyent water ionizer for the past two years and it has made quite a difference in our health and our enjoyment of different foods. My wife really enjoys the improved taste and healthiness of fruits and vegetables rinsed and soaked in high-alkaline water. We have found that even 'organic' produce can, after soaking in high-alkaline water, leave a dingy film and an oily substance in the rinse water that has been removed from them.

“Alkaline water extends the use of our 

teabags by 400%!”

We love to make iced tea with the alkaline water since, not only does it improve the flavor of the tea, but it extends the use of our teabags by 400%.  We place 3 standard teabags in our 2-gallon pitcher and fill it with alkaline water.  By the time the pitcher is full, it is ready to drink.  We can then fill the pitcher three more times and get an additional six gallons of enjoyable iced tea out of the original teabags.  

“One month (after drinking Tyent Water™), my acid reflux has been completely 

under control.”

I have seen an incredible improvement in my health after years of suffering from acid reflux disease.  I had been taking an acid blocker medication daily to control the problem.  After two months of drinking the alkaline water daily, I decreased my dosage to one pill per week.  One month later, I no longer needed to take the medication and my acid reflux has been completely under control ever since.  If I feel any amount of acid indigestion coming on, instead of reaching for an antacid tablet, I drink a glass of alkaline water.  One glass is all it takes and my potential problem is gone.

“I’m feeling much more energized and Tyent Water™ has made losing weight much easier.”

 I used to hate to drink plain water and had gotten addicted to drinking colas, leaving me overweight and feeling lethargic.  Now I would much rather have a glass of water from our Tyent ionizer, and I am drinking over a gallon per day, which leaves me feeling much more energized, healthy and has made losing weight 

much easier.  

“Tyent stands by their products, (and) has outstanding customer service.”

Tyent stands by their products, has outstanding customer service and I highly recommend anyone interested in improving their health include Tyent ionizers in their careful research. I'm certain that they will come to the same logical conclusion I did, that a water ionizer from Tyent is the right choice for 

their well-being.

“A water ionizer from Tyent USA is the right choice for their well-being.”

-Kevin Pinkerman

Barry and Peg Barassi

Michael and Marina McBride

Barry and Peg Barassi


 “Our Oncologist told me I could only have 10 months to live.” -Peg Barassi

Barry Barassi’s Story about His Wife Peg

My wife went through Ovarian cancer surgery and full series of chemo, last year.

The findings confirmed a rare strain (3%) of Ovarian cancer that is extremely resistant to chemo. They told us if chemo could limit the growth she could live several more years but would be on chemo for the rest of her life, If not she had 10 months to live. We got our Tyent MMP- 7070  water ionizer 6 weeks later and just 3 weeks before chemo was to start.

“The Oncologist kept looking back and forth at the 2 reports and was speechless; he finally said "This is unprecedented.”

I have to assume that the tumor was continuing to grow during those 6 weeks and yet the Cat Scan done the day before chemo showed the tumor was the same size, the spot on her lung was gone and the 4 spots on her liver had not grown. Since chemo had not started yet, I credit the 3 weeks of alkaline water, the Oncologist was flabbergasted. 6 weeks later with the water and chemo the last Cat Scan showed the tumor went from over 6cm to 2 ½ cm, and no signs of the 4 spots on her liver. The Oncologist kept looking back and forth at the 2 reports and was speechless, he finally said "this is unprecedented, whatever you are doing, keep doing it ". We are looking forward to the next scan in a few weeks. The doctors are now saying one more series of chemo (2 weeks) and then just monitoring. We are absolutely convinced that our Tyent made alkaline water that has saved her life.

“We are absolutely convinced that our Tyent water ionizer made alkaline water that has saved her life.”

Recent Update:

After continually drinking level pH 9.2 Tyent Water™, Peg’s tumor is down from 6+cm to 1.4cm which is probably just scar tissue.

“She is now off chemo and doing great.”

-Barry Barassi
El Dorado, California

Daniel Lang

Franci Crownoble

Franci Crownoble


 “After one year of drinking pH level 10 Tyent Water™, my pH climbed to 7.41”

I am a retired Air Force Combat Rescue Officer, I have been to deployed locations and exposed to "bad air" due to burn pits established by locals.  These consistent exposures left me with low base line (93%) oxygen saturation upon arrival back to the states. In addition, my body’s pH levels were on the low side of normal. After one year of drinking pH level 10 Tyent Water™, my pH climbed to 7.41 with this being the high side of normal, indicating a compensated rise that would not have happened from drinking tap water.

“University of Arizona tests show that after consuming level 10 oxygenated  alkaline water from my Tyent water ionizer machine for a year, my oxygen sats rose to a baseline of 97%.”

After deployment, my oxygen sats were really low at 90-93%. After consuming level 10 oxygenated water from my Tyent machine for a year, my oxygen sats rose to a baseline of 97%. I have a pulmonary function test that was conducted at the Univerity of Arizona (the same university that saved congresswomen Gifford’s life in Tucson).

“The university was shocked by the results.”

Two studies were conducted on me a year post, and the university was shocked by the results to say the least. Pulmonary Function Laboratory Test from the University Medical Center from 1/14/2011 stated, "YOUR EXERCISE STUDY SHOWED AN ABOVE NORMAL EXERCISE CAPACITY, WORK CAPACITY IS MARKEDLY ABOVE NORMAL (144% OF PREDICTED NORMAL)  JOHN W. BLOOM M.D..

Thank You TYENT
-Daniel Lang
Retired Air Force Combat Rescue Officer
Dayton, Ohio

Franci Crownoble

Franci Crownoble

Franci Crownoble


 “It keeps my blood pressure down & I no longer have arthritis in my knees!”

Tyent ionized alkaline water has been very beneficial to my health and wellness!  It keeps my blood pressure down & I no longer have arthritis in my knees!

The water ionizer is easy to use & the water tastes great!  I also appreciate all of the other levels of acid or alkaline water it allows me to use!

-Franci Crownoble
Cottonwood, Arizona

Mary Kowalski

Franci Crownoble

Michelle Saber


 October of 2013, my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 small cell lung cancer. The doctors said he had 6 months to live with no treatment and 12-18 months with treatment. They said this type of cancer can only be treated never cured. He immediately started chemo.

I kept asking what else we could do to extend his life. The answer was nothing. Basically we would be chasing the cancer from one site to another. I began searching the internet. It was very depressing.

The only thing I kept seeing in places around the world where the word cancer didn’t exist was in areas where the people had access to alkaline water.

So I began searching for the best alkaline producing machine. After a lot of comparative shopping, I purchased a Tyent 9090 water ionizer. My husband started drinking Level 2 water and after the second week the Level 3 water. By the end of the second month he was drinking a gallon a day. He drinks it in his coffee and all the food that I prepare. He has a CT scan every 3 months.

The last 4 scans show no new cancer. He is in remission. It has been 16 months now since his diagnosis. He feels great. We plan to stay on track by drinking the Tyent alkaline water for wellness. I couldn’t be more grateful."

Michelle Saber

Julie Steinbach

Michelle Saber


 Since having our Tyent Water Ionizer system in our home, my life and my family’s life has changed for the better. When I send my young children off to school, I know that they have safe, filtered,alkaline water. For my husband and me, we have steadily used the Ionize feature to increase hydration to our bodies like never before!

The Tyent Water Ionizer system was the best investment we’ve ever made. Our lives are healthier and happier.

Thank you Tyent USA! Your motto, “Water for Wellness,” couldn’t be TRUER!"

Julie Steinbach

Julie Steinbach

Julie Steinbach


 My name is Julie Steinbach, at the end of March of 2014 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

My friend Jaime has a Tyent water ionizer and started bring me glass bottles full of the water.

I found that after I had my chemo treatments it was easier to swallow the Tyent water and I stayed hydrated. I found myself drinking twice as much water as I was before. So I ordered my own machine and love it!

My partner makes his morning coffee with the alkaline water and prefers the taste over the spring water that comes through our tap at home!

Since purchasing my machine several of my neighbors have started coming over and filling bottles of their own.

P.S. My Dr. told me that by Oct. I could go on a Chemo Holiday and travel for a while. We will be taking our Tyent water ionizer with us in our travel trailer.”

Jimmy Johnson

Julie Steinbach

Julie Steinbach


 I'm sending this note to remind everyone to not let your filters use time go too far past usable time because you will notice that the good things  for wellness that are going on will start to go downhill.

Now that I have new filters again my blood pressure is normalizing again, along with the feel good I had before.

Just thought I would let everyone know this so you will always stay on the road to recovery."

R. Brouser

Lyle Readicker

Robert Moran


 "I have suffered from severe arthritis and fibromyalgia for decades. But thank God I "discovered" alkaline water from Tyent. It has changed my life completely. I live in the Sub-Arctic of Alaska's Interior where it is severely cold (down to -60 degrees in the winter) and very dark (less than 3 hours of daylight in the winter, too). I have seen many doctors to get relief from my disorders and they all have told me to move somewhere warm and sunny, take lots of pills for pain and muscle relaxation, and don't exercise (it will flare up the fibromyalgia.)

I first heard about the concept of making your body alkaline from my best friend. Her Integrative Medicine doctor told her to eat certain foods to make her body more alkaline. She told me many sicknesses cannot live in an alkaline environment. When I searched methods to become more alkaline they all involved specialized and fairly expensive food plans. It was a lot to grasp since I am already severely reactive to over 400 food allergens and have to carefully avoid otherwise healthy foods.

And then I found out about alkaline water! All I had to do was drink it; how simple could it be?! I bought a Tyent 7070 Turbo water ionizer and began drinking a gallon a day. (I picked Tyent due to their strong medical recognition in Korea for over 30 years and lifetime product warranty.)

About 2 weeks after starting the Tyent alkaline water, my worst arthritis symptoms abated. It will be 2 years next month and the pain has not returned!

When I told my doctor that my arthritis abated since drinking alkaline water he looked at me and said disdainfully, "You are kidding me; you of all people are a medical social worker and should know the power of a fake placebo!" I got a different doctor! The next doctor I found believed in holistic medicine and ran some blood tests and x-rays to see how bad the arthritis was in my hands.

The tests in 2013 showed there was NO INFLAMMATION in my blood at all (and the pain has been long gone). There was no other intervention but Tyent alkaline water to give the credit to!

 I have told many friends about the alkaline water. One friend had fibromyalgia like I do. I brought her a gallon of water every day. Within a month she told me her fibro pain had disappeared. I was shocked; I still had a lot of pain. Then it dawned on me that I was told to not exercise and I hadn't in years. If I didn't exercise how would I know if the water could take away muscle pain? I started physical therapy. Over the last year and a half I have gotten to 3 miles on my treadmill and many exercises each day. I haven't hurt at all after working out. I have some continued general fatigue and mild pain, but not related to my physical therapy. Amazing!! Of course, I guzzle close to a gallon every day.

The water seems to wick away whatever waste materials that normally cause my fibromyalgia pain from exercise. Since then I have lost 25 pounds and 2 dress sizes, too. Thank God for Tyent alkaline water for wellness.”

Robert Moran

Lyle Readicker

Robert Moran


  In any case, I not only satisfied myself that not only do water ionizers actually put a charge into the water, but that alkaline water is actually very good for you. 

After six or seven months of alternative medical treatment, including copious amounts of ionized water, I begin to become my old, irascible self again. At the insistences of my wife, I had another live blood analysis. This time, all of my red blood cells were nice round like they are supposed to be, no fat in the blood, no uric acid crystals or anything else that was not supposed to be there. Objective proof that the treatments prescribed by the alternative medicine physician actually had an effect.

In about a year after I first became ill, I was able to begin seriously exercising again. I had gained 40 pounds over this period – doing nothing but sleeping and eating is not particularly good for you. I was too heavy to start jogging again, plus my leg muscles had atrophied. I started riding a recumbent tadpole tricycle (not what you think – it is a lean, mean, speed machine if you are man enough to pedal it). I started out barely being able to go 13 mph – now I can hold 22mph on the flats.

In summary, I’m now 69 years old. I can pee again. I lost the 40 extra pounds. I regularly ride Centurys on my recumbent trike faster than a lot younger folks on expensive diamond frame bikes – today I knocked off a 40 mile, very hilly ride with the local bike club. I will be riding the Cap2Cap Century (Richmond to Williamsburg) in May.

I still have my Tyent I bought years ago, it still works great, and my wife and I still religiously drink the ionized water from it.

What caused me to fall so seriously ill? I never found out – perhaps it was a pollen allergy - the day I was jogging was a severe pollen day – I probably will never know.

As to the extent that ionized water played in my recovery, I can only say that it very noticeably made a difference. As to what role it plays today in my overall health and wellness, I cannot say, but I feel great, and I can pee again and I do not have an acid reflux problem. I still drink copious amounts of alkaline water, and you could not pull my Tyent away from me with elephants.

I also have become a firm believer in alternative medicine. I am convinced conventional medicine would have literally biopsied me and drugged me to death, and, after the autopsy, they would have told my wife what killed me.

It can be argued that I eventually would have recovered on my own, if left alone. But three things are clear to me – conventional medical practices would have either killed me or left me disabled and on expensive prescription drugs, the alternative medicine, at worst, did no harm (and I’m convinced that it worked), and the ionized water makes me feel better and seems to have largely eliminated my life-long acid reflux problem.

Lyle Readicker

Lyle Readicker

Rick L. Brewer


  I have always led a very active life which has included the participation in various sports and outdoor activities for wellness such as horseback riding.

“I had cancer and my prognosis was not good.”

I began noticing urinary problems and I scheduled a checkup with a doctor. The doctor’s checkup revealed that I had a very high PSA level, and I was referred to other specialists for further checkups. I found out quickly that I had cancer and my prognosis was not good. I was told that I may only have as little as two months to live.

“I was told that I may only have as little as two months to live.”

A treatment plan was then set in place starting with hormone therapy and radiation treatments. After a few months of the radiation treatments my joints became severely stiff and painful. Due to those same radiation treatments my gallbladder needed to be removed. The joint pain required me to be on a heavy dose of painkillers and it eventually led to a fall which then required knee surgery. My skin also started showing dry cracks that were difficult to take care of.

I was told by my doctor that even after the treatment was completed it would still take years of recovery for me to be back to anything resembling normal.

Starting on the Tyent system:

“The Tyent Water Ionizer system was the best system I could find.”

Previously I had heard about the health benefits of various water systems. I started doing research including checking into various companies on the Internet, and I came to conclude that the Tyent system was the best system I could find. At the same time I was also checking for other cancer treatments including health supplements and those same places that I checked out also referred back to the Tyent system which increased my confidence.

I purchased this system and began drinking only the ionized alkaline water processed by the Tyent system. As I continued with the system I gradually began feeling better over the months that followed.

“I had completely turned around, and my doctor expressed amazement at nearly every examination.”

By my second examination about six months later, it seemed as if I had completely turned around. The improvements to my health and joint pain and even my skin condition all showed noticeable improvement. I had been keeping my doctor informed of the Tyent system that I was using and he expressed amazement at nearly every examination about my condition and the improvements that I was seeing. On his request, I gave him the various literature associated with the system.

I am still using the Tyent system, and I still have regular six-month checkups with my doctor. He continues to express amazement and questions me repeatedly about any joint pain or other ill effects I may be feeling. The doctor’s amazement was enough that he suggested I have a CAT scan to properly investigate my body but no traces of the cancer spreading were to be found. The doctor is at a loss to explain in any other way than that the Tyent water system must have improved my health and stop the spread of cancer.

“I couldn’t be happier.”

I have begun to resume the physical activities that I thought I would have to give up forever and I couldn’t be happier.
- Lyle Readicker
Great Falls, Montana

Rick L. Brewer

Beverly Jeffries

Rick L. Brewer


 “Sixty years old and feeling GREAT!”

My first road block upon doing my research was that this costs a lot on money.

Then, after I continued to do some research and discovered all of the benefits that I would get from drinking Tyent ionized alkaline water; I decided to purchase the Tyent 9090 unit in January 2010.

“My wife no longer gets migraine headaches!”

Since I purchased the Tyent water ionizer, my wife and I have seen many changes in the way we feel. She no longer gets migraine headaches and no longer has stiff joints in the morning. Instead, she has more energy and regular bowel movements.

“I have more energy to go to the gym twice a week!”

As for me, I am 60 years old and have seen many changes myself. I have more energy to go to the gym twice a week on my lunch hour. Now, I am thirty pounds lighter with no aches and pains. Plus, I no longer take any prescription medications because all my blood work is now below the number which was considered border-line high like it was in the past.

“Tyent water for wellness is the answer to feeling better.”

No more colon cleansing every three months because the ionized water does it every time I drink it! Anyone who is looking for a way to improve their health and feel better 24/7, Tyent is the answer.

Tyent’s customer service is as good as it gets. Now, I look back after eight months of drinking the water and think about the cost, and I can honestly say that my feelings are that I can't afford not to have the unit! I just can't put a price on the way I feel now .

Rick L. Brewer 

Ashley Edney

Beverly Jeffries

Beverly Jeffries


 “The Tyent machine was one of the greatest investments I have ever made.” 

My name is Ashley Edney, and I have owned a Tyent Water Ionizer for almost a year now.  The Tyent machine was one of the greatest investments I have ever made.  

“After about three days of drinking the #1 alkaline water my heartburn and morning sickness had subsided immensely.”

I was pregnant when I purchased the machine and my heartburn and morning sickness were awful.  After about three days of drinking the #1 Alkaline water my heartburn and morning sickness had subsided immensely.  I felt that I had more energy too.

“We definitely feel more hydrated, have more energy and sleep better!”

 My husband is a firm believer in the water ionizer as well.  We both drink it and we definitely feel more hydrated, have more energy and sleep better!

“Your customer service is A+ and that is hard to find these days.”

Friends and family come to us to *drink the good water*.  Your customer service is A+ and that is hard to find these days.  Thank you Tyent for your wonderful product!

Ashley Edney
Alpharetta, Georgia

Beverly Jeffries

Beverly Jeffries

Beverly Jeffries


 “I no longer have to take Advil every night to get relief from aching shoulders and legs. ”

I am Beverly Jeffries.  I am 57 years young.  I own a small construction and remodeling company.  I was used to have aches and pains due to lifting and basically just doing my job.  After drinking Tyent Water™ for wellness, I noticed that I no longer have to take Advil every night to get relief from aching shoulders and legs. 

Now my husband isn't always asking me to "rub this or rub that"!  I had a "fatty pocket" on my neck that had been there for years.  The dermatologist told me it would have to be surgically removed.    $800.00---NOT!!!!    Ha....I kept putting Tyent alkaline level 3 water on it and the pocket just dissolved and wiped off with the towel.  I don't even have a scar. 

“Tyent Water™ alkaline water had made a humongous difference in my being able to sleep.”

As for my menopausal hot flashes, the Tyent Water™ had made a humongous difference in my being able to sleep. Our quality of life has improved with this Tyent Water Ionizer.  I would not give it up for anything, and I no longer give my associates water because I don't want my filter to give out sooner than it should.  I have told them Tyent has a great financing program

“My hair has always grown fast, but never this fast!”

I am going to send you a second photo.  My hair has always grown fast, but never this fast!  I really think the water makes it grow even more.  This is a period difference of exactly 3 years. 

“I’m feeling much more energized and Tyent Water™ has made losing weight much easier.”

-Beverly Jeffries
Pensacola, Florida

Lyn Eberle

Connie Cochran

Connie Cochran


 The Tyent water ionizer system has helped our family. 

“Heartburn is now only a distant memory.” 

I see two significant benefits in my body.  First, heartburn is now only a distant memory.  No more misery!  No more drugs!  Free at last!

Second, my face had developed red areas that the dermatologist diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis. After drinking level three alkaline water and rinsing my face with level 1 acid water, I no longer need medication.

“Tyent Water™ tastes so good that my husband has started drinking water for the first time ever.” 

My husband's most pronounced benefit is intestinal--easier movements three times a day instead of one time.  And much less need for bathroom sprays!  Perhaps it is more important that the Tyent Water™ tastes so good that my husband has started drinking water for the first time ever.  In the past he only drank coffee and green tea.

We love our Tyent 9090 because of the health and wellness benefits we've experienced in our bodies, and because of the equipment itself.  It responds immediately when we press a button and flows much faster than the water purifier we used to have.  Also, the stainless steel is easy to keep clean.

“I could not be happier, and would certainly recommend the Tyent to anyone who wants improved health.”

Last, but not least, the Tyent staff treated me with great courtesy, expertise, and integrity.  I could not be happier, and would certainly recommend the Tyent to anyone who wants improved health. 


-Lyn Eberle
Elyria, Ohio

Connie Cochran

Connie Cochran

Connie Cochran


 “I went with TYENT USA, and I‘m so glad I did!”

My first experience with ionized water was when a representative demonstrated it at a home show.  I thought I knew all there was to know about it’s purposes in life, after all,  I’d be on this planet for nearly 70 years.  Little did I know there was a big surprise awaiting me.  All water is definitely not created equal!

“All water is definitely not created equal!”

I always prided myself in not drinking excessive amounts of sweet soft drinks.  I even made a switch from an occasional soda to a large amount of carbonated tap water that I made myself at home.  What could be better than lots of homemade carbonated water? I began getting acid reflux that was beyond being resolved with over-the-counter products.  My doctor gave be a prescription to help.

The demonstrator at the home show made a huge impression on me.  He had some family members and other people, (who had water ionizer systems in their own homes), come to the show that weekend.  They all looked very healthy, especially their skin.

I went home and did some extensive research on the computer. I was definitely on a mission.   I already knew I  was going to have this water in my home, easily accessible to drink every single day. To me, it was necessary to compare equipment capabilities along with prices and reviews written by people who use the machine. In my research, I came across a remarkable video showing colon comparisons of those that did and did not drink alkaline water.  There were before and after photos of those that made the switch. Generally I’m not one to share “colon pictures” with my friends, but this was a must!

“I’m so glad I went with Tyent.”

I made the decision to go with TYENT USA because of a comparison video, the price and their warranty , and I‘m so glad I did. It was truly the beginning of a life changing experience. This is a wonderful piece of  wellness equipment and really should be a “must have” for everyone. I’m amazed I hadn’t heard about it before.  The choice I made was the TYENT 9090 Turbo. It has the capability to do both extremes: very alkaline and very acidic. I’ve found many purposes for both.  My friends love it when I take them turbo acidic water.  All of our bathrooms are sterilized and the glass is spotless, not to mention the floors!!

“The acid reflux completely resolved itself.” 

During  the first few weeks of my switch to water from my Tyent 9090 Turbo, the acid reflux completely resolved itself.  The weight seemed to be going down.  No longer did I need pain or anti-inflammatory medication several times a day.  My skin and hair improved.  Even the dental hygienist noticed a difference in the build-up on my teeth at my semi-annual cleaning appointment. 

After about 3 months I just happened on to a book called “The Beauty Detox Solution” by Kimberly Snyder, Certified Nutritionist.  As I read the book I began the second phase of my wonderful alkaline future. Learning that “obesity is an acid problem”. I began following her suggestions to eat alkaline food along with my already newly found friend, ionized alkaline water.  Only then did I realize that most of my life I’ve been over-fed and under-nourished causing me to carry around a terrible amount of excess weight. 

“The weight loss is remarkable!”

What a wonderful combination:  ALKALINE WATER and ALKALINE FOOD.  I cannot wait to go back to my physician in early June. The weight loss is remarkable! And, when my doctor reviews the blood work , he won’t have to write prescriptions for inflammation or for acid reflux any longer.

I drink 3 to 4 quarts of this wonderful Tyent Water™ every day.  I only wish I’d learned about it when I was younger . . . But then there are some people who never learn about it. I am grateful this important information came my way and . . . THANK YOU TYENT USA!

Celebrate Life…with Water!

Connie Cochran

Jon B.

Connie Cochran

Rob Pientak


 “I had severe atopic dermatitis that covered 85% of my face and 75% of my body.”

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a severe case of atopic dermatitis that covered 85% of my face and 75% of my body. I was in so much unbearable pain, I was unable to even put on a t-shirt, nor leave the house for over a year, nor attend my daughter's birthday party. After numerous failed attempts by many doctors, I decided to take the holistic route. I knew that my immune system was in a hyperactive state, and knowing that our bodies are made up of around 75% water, my first instinct was to purchase the best water ionizer on the market.

“The Tyent MMP-7070 Turbo was an easy choice. I LOVE this machine!”

After researching many testimonies and videos, the Tyent MMP 7070 Turbo, was an easy choice. I LOVE this machine! It’s very easy to use, and most importantly, it produces great tasting, clean, ionized alkaline water. Plus, Tyent USA has great customer service, Wow!!!

“Today, I am now living a normal life, in optimal health, and free of any skin disease!”

Today, I am now living a normal life, in optimal health, and free of any skin disease! If you are truly serious about your health, the first step is to hydrate and flush out toxins with Tyent Water™ for wellness. I can honestly say that Tyent Water™ not only restored my health, but absolutely saved my life... 

Thank You.

-Jon B.
Los Angeles, California 

Rob Pientak

Rob Pientak

Rob Pientak


 “Tyent Water™ is easier to swallow so it quenches your thirst better and provides improved hydration.”

I have been using the Tyent water ionizer system now for the past year or so . I have to tell you how amazing it is and what Tyent Water™ has done for me and my family. First, Tyent Water™ is easier to swallow so it quenches your thirst better and provides improved hydration. Better hydration is very important for my wellness because I love to workout through the different martial arts that I study.

“Tyent USA has great customer service.”

The faster water gets into your body the more benefits the water brings, like faster recovery time which helps enable you to push your body longer during your workout. While working out, hydration is very important because the more you sweat the more water you need to recover . Also, Tyent USA has great customer service, and they are willing to work with you.

“My Mom is up in age, and she has more energy from the ionized water, and she can move around a lot better.”

The Tyent machine is not just a filter, but an ionizer.  By running over platinum coated titanium plates, the water splits into two different pH water types, acidic water and alkaline water. So when you drink the water, you only drink the alkaline pH water. The best way to sum it up is the longevity to the fountain of youth. For example, my Mom is up in age and she has more energy from the ionized water and she can move around a lot better also.

“I drink the water during my workout  to help me push through it.”

Ionized alkaline water helps give you more energy and helps prevent dehydration. I drink the water during my workout  to help me push through it. In the long run, Tyent Water™ goes to the cellular level of your body which helps promote a longer, healthier and happier life.

-Rob Pientak
Horsham, Pennsylvania

Dean Wein

Rob Pientak

Dean Wein


 “Tyent alkaline water.”

I love my Tyent 9090 turbo water ionizer. I have been using for over 2 years now. It has made a tremendous change in my family's health and wellness. None of us have been sick at all since we've been drinking the #3 Tyent alkaline water. If you don't have a Tyent unit for your family, you need to get one!

“I use Tyent Water™ for everything, cooking, soaking meats, making tea, and coffee”

I use Tyent Water™ for everything, cooking, soaking meats, making tea, and coffee and the water makes foods and drinks always taste so much better than tap water. I take it to wherever we go on vacation. 

“Wouldn't think of living without it.”

Thanks Tyent for making a superior product, a lot better than those Kangen overpriced machines. So glad I found you, instead of getting ripped off by buying one of those inferior Kangen machines. THANKS 
JIM AND MICHELLE at Tyent, y'all are the greatest!


Rob Pientak

Dean Wein


 “The Tyent Water Ionizer system was easy to set up and start using right away.”

My name is Larisa.  I have been using a Tyent water system since 2008.  The Tyent system was easy to set up and start using right away.  I am a advent believer in keeping the body alkalized. 

“Tyent Water™ for wellness has helped me maintain clearer skin, maintain my weight and avoid nasty colds.”

My Tyent water system produces good tasting alkaline water. Tyent Water™ has helped me maintain clearer skin, maintain my weight and avoid nasty colds.  I also use the water from my Tyent water system to cook with.

“My Tyent water system is pleasing to look at and takes up minimal room on my countertop.”

I am very pleased with my Tyent water system. My Tyent water system is pleasing to look at and takes up minimal room on my countertop. 

Norcross, Georgia