ACE 13 Tyent Water Ionizer-alkaline water

ACE-13 Above-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer

Your kitchen will be more powerful, stylish and beautiful than ever!

  Tyent USA is at the cutting edge of water ionization technology. Unlike our competitors, every water ionizer we design are completely chemical-free and exceeds strict standards for durability, quality, and safety. 

We designed these machines to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so they will complement other kitchen appliances. Enjoy advanced interactive touchscreen capability, ultrafiltration, and so much more. Our all-new 13-plate water ionizer will revolutionize the way you look and feel on the inside and outside bringing health and wellness.

With advanced interactive touchscreen capability, you can easily adjust pH levels or user settings to suit any application. 

Whether you are taking your medicine, preparing a meal, or making baby formula, you can access water with neutral pH levels with just the press of a button. Using our patented SMPS Plus® power supply, you now have 99 settings to choose from. 

Enjoy the perfect glass of alkaline water anytime, regardless of the quality of your source water. 

Lifetime Warranty on all Tyent water Ionizer

 Our lifetime warranty does not contain the word “limited” because there simply are no limits. Read our warranty carefully and then compare it to our competitors’ warranties. We have no stipulations and no fine print and therefore no reason that your water ionizer will not be protected for as long as you own it. In fact, the only mishap that our warranty doesn’t cover is intentional or accidental physical damage as a result of dropping the unit. Your investment is fully covered, regardless of your water quality or the quantity of water you produce.