Water Filter system

Water Filters Tyent 4 Bank Chromium 6 Removal System

Filtration System

 -Water filtration system- 

Tyent is the industry leader in the water filtration system from your tap water, promoting health and wellness.


Fluoride removal is achieved by utilizing the advanced media technology of the following:

• SIR-900: a synthetic aluminum oxide that is processed to have minimum fines and other foreign matter. The cartridge removes fluoride by a chemical reaction with the media. It has minimal shrinkage/swelling and low-pressure loss.

The product is physically stable and can be used with a large range of ph. it has minimal shrinkage/swelling and low-pressure loss.

• Stage 1 & stage 2 filtration:

      § Strong anion exchange resin: designed for the removal of     chromium6. This media is a high capacity, supplied in chloride or hydroxide form.

• Stage 3 filtration:

• KDF55 combined with catalytic carbon for reduction or removal of the following:

• heavy metals such as:

  •      Lead 
  •       Mercury 
  •       Nickel
  •       Chlorine 

• Acts as a bacteria and scale control media.

• Catalytic carbon removes 

  •       Iron 
  •       Hydrogen sulfide
  •       Manganese
  •       Chloramines


  •   Dimensions: 15" length x 15" high x 5" wide
  • Water flow through filter = fluoride pre-filter in & stage 3 out
  • Flush with 4 gallons of water before using
  • The average life of filters is 12 months

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