The Pure Element Healthy Water

The Pure Element Healthy WaterThe Pure Element Healthy WaterThe Pure Element Healthy Water

-Water for wellness-

The Pure Element Healthy Water

The Pure Element Healthy WaterThe Pure Element Healthy WaterThe Pure Element Healthy Water

-Water for wellness-

"2019 Water Ionizer of the Year"

Touch-Screen Technology

Dual .01 Micron Filtration

Touch-Screen Technology


  •  Smartphone Inspired
  • Easy to Use
  • Speaks 5 Languages
  • Fully Customizable


Dual .01 Micron Filtration

Touch-Screen Technology




$4995 $3495

Dual .01 Micron Filtration

Dual .01 Micron Filtration

Dual .01 Micron Filtration


  •  Kidney Dialysis Equivalent
  • Removes 200+ Contaminants
  • NSF Certified
  • Easy Front-Load Replacement

Hybrid Plate Technology

Hybrid Plate Technology

Dual .01 Micron Filtration


  •  Medical-Grade
  • Platinum-Coated Titanium
  • Solid/Mesh Hybrid Design
  • Largest Surface Area

- PLUS -

Hybrid Plate Technology

Unparalleled Benefits


 Designed to provide pure, healthy hydration for the modern family. Tyent Water Ionizers are beautifully designed, safe and beneficial, all with a lifetime warranty and 75-day trial. 

Unparalleled Benefits

Hybrid Plate Technology

Unparalleled Benefits


  •  Perfect pH ranging from 2.0 to 12.0
  • Chemical-Free for safety
  • Unmatched ORP ranging from +500 to -1200
  • Turbo Mode for Hydrogen Boost
  • Ultra Filtration for 99.9% purity
  • Certifications for peace of mind


Are you familiar with the benefits of alkalized water?

 Tyent USA  is one of the leading water filtration companies in the world, and our customers include a wide array of celebrities, professional athletes, medical doctors, and concerned consumers just like you. 

Some water ionization brands claim to have the best ionization technology, but, when compared side-by-side, our alkaline water machines outperform in every category. 

We credit the success of our ionized water to innovation and transparency. While competitors might make you jump through hoops to find out ingredients or core components, every water ionizer we offer includes an easy-to-read manual and our lifetime guarantee.  Tyent closely replicated the therapeutic properties that give natural spring water its benefits.


 Many of the major scientific breakthroughs by doctors, scientists, professional coaches and engineers over the centuries have been incorporated into Tyent Water Ionizers. 

Expert Views. Clinical Studies. Everything You Need to Know.


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What Tyent customers are Saying...


 “I have played professional sports and coached professional sports and we have been singing the praises of Tyent healthy alkaline water for about nine years..."

Tom House, "Throwing Doctor"

Founder, National Pitching Association

 “We at the Oasis of Hope Hospital have a Tyent USA water ionizer in our dining room for all of our patients so that they can have unlimited filtered, alkaline healthy water."

Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD

Oncologist, Oasis of Hope Cancer Center

 “The benefits seem endless... We are immensely grateful we learned of the Tyent ionizers, and realized that this is a priceless investment in our wellness."

Rick Sr and Jennifer Mendyka

Gillette, WY

 "By properly hydrating with Tyent Alkaline Water and improving her diet my wife is pain-free and back to enjoying a good healthy lifestyle, and we have both increase fitness and lost over 20 lbs."

Tom Schafer

Hendersonville, TN

  At The Pure Element, we believe everyone deserves access to safe and healthy water.

 Safe and healthy water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production or recreational purposes. 

Even today with new technologies they are over 2560 boil water advisories in Canada and the United States together.

Lots of people drink contaminated water and they don't have any acquaintance with it.

Unhealthy water and poor sanitation are related to the transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio. Inadequate, or absence managed water and sanitation services expose individuals to preventable health risks. 

Our mission is to ensure you and your family drink safe and healthy water. Providing solution, information and wellness